My art is the summation of a lifetime's fascination with the biological world and its intersection with the generative world of the human mind.  I have always tried to create visually, the experiences I cannot put into words. For me, doing art has a dual intention. My artwork opens up an avenue into my own memories and emotional life but is also an attempt to share my intense experience of the world with others. Recently, I have become interested in purely abstract images that contain organic forms, natural textures and colours. In transforming my abstract drawings  into paintings and digital renderings, I try to find the visual thread in my work that goes beyond  language, concepts and meaning.

My art work is informed by my lifelong study of art, science and the history of ideas. I have worked in resource planning, landscape design and habitat restoration. I am deeply concerned about the destruction of the natural world and the continuing disappearance of endlessly beautiful forms of life. In my art, I wish to participate in the modern vision of society but still acknowledge and value the ecological structure that supports us.



Darcy's artwork is in private and corporate collections in the USA, China, Japan, Sweden, and across Canada. At this time Darcy teaches high school art and science and is also a working artist. She has an annual art show with Judith Tye and Alison Watt on Vancouver Island, BC. In her free time she studies yoga and enjoys her wonderful family and friends.