Digital Rendering Series

I digitally rework images made using more traditional materials. Drawings, paintings and photographs can be multiplied, altered, broken apart and then reformed to produce subtle variations of the original artwork. This rearrangement and reordering creates new visual experiences that are still connected to a common beginning.

Making digital renderings of my drawings has allowed me to both control and understand the stages of development of the images. I am able move back and forth between layers, to observe and refine the making of an image as often as I choose. The result seems to slow the passage of time, allowing me to hold on to more of my creative process. 

Making multiple versions of an artwork also allows for deeper contemplation about the meaning, development and the material nature of art. I develop a series of digital pieces from each original drawing or photograph. This enables me to visually articulate the past, present and future simultaneously and in doing so, escape the linearity of a language-based narrative about human perception and experience.